Friday, November 02, 2007

Utah's Schools Showdown

Kudos to George Will for nailing the issues surrounding the Utah Parent Choice in Education Act right on the head:

Intellectually bankrupt but flush with cash, the teachers unions continue to push their threadbare arguments, undeterred by the fact that Utah's vouchers will increase per-pupil spending and will lower class sizes in public schools. Why the perverse perseverance? There are two large, banal reasons -- fear of competition and desire for the maximum number of dues-paying public school teachers.
Although Utah is among the reddest of states -- the most  emphatically Republican in six of the past eight presidential elections -- it is among the most supportive states regarding public education: It has the fifth-highest proportion of K-through-12 students in public schools. (Even its  home-schooled children outnumber the children in private schools.)  Nevertheless, on Tuesday, Utah voters can strike a reverberating blow against the idea that education should remain the most important sector of American life shielded from the improving force of competition.


Utah's Schools Showdown

By George F. Will
Thursday, November 1, 2007; A21

In today's political taxonomy, "progressives" are rebranded liberals dodging the damage they did to their old label. Perhaps their most injurious idea -- injurious to themselves and public schools -- was the forced busing of (mostly other people's) children to engineer "racial balance" in public schools. Soon, liberals will need a third label if people notice what "progressives" are up to in Utah.

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