Monday, December 14, 2009

DFER’s take on Alan Khazei

While Alan Khazei lost, I don't regret supporting him for an instant, as he is now well positioned to run for Senate or another office.  Recall that Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1976 and lost to Ford before winning in 1980 (  Here's DFER's take:

 Dear Education Reformer:

It was no secret that DFER was EXTREMELY enthusiastic about the U.S. Senate campaign for City Year-founder Alan Khazei. We were inspired by his pragmatism, charm, and unwavering commitment to helping every citizen attain the American Dream.

Alan placed third in the special primary election yesterday, but after listening to his concession speech and watching him interact with his family, friends, and supporters at Boston's Omni Parker House Hotel last night, I can only report that I am even more inspired by Khazei's leadership today. Teddy Kennedy was an idol for many of us, and he obviously set the bar high for his successor. Even without a victory last night, Khazei cleared that bar with his unique blend of intensity and dignity.

Keep your eye on Khazei. He represents a spirit that is moving in various forms all over the country - a new generation of leadership that is promoting renewed citizen engagement, unapologetic problem-solving, and a relentless commitment to public service.

We enthusiastically named Alan our Education Reformer of the Month in October because we believed that his brand of leadership is sorely needed at all levels of government. We continue to be on the hunt for great leaders who will help us return the Democratic Party to its rightful place as champion for children.

Thank you for supporting Alan's campaign and for all of the campaigns we ask you to support. You are helping to move the needle in dramatic ways within the political establishment.

If you haven't already done so, please consider a small contribution to our November and December "Education Reformers of the Month." It's easy and you can do it online with credit card. Just go to our web site ( and click on the red "Reformer of the Month" button.

Thanks for your support of these great leaders.


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