Monday, October 24, 2011

Spider Man

More evidence that our fight is going mainstream (from a friend):


Just thought you might be interested in / amused by this footnote in the education wars.


I'm not comic book savvy, so the death last year of the original Spiderman (Peter Parker) — after 50 years — didn't hit my radar. Nor did the re-introduction of this super-hero last month. Not until I heard that the new Ultimate Spiderman was a multi-racial kid, Miles Morales, whose family was desperate to improve his educational options in NYC. Turns out that the writer of Ultimate Spiderman Issue #1 was directly influenced by Waiting for Superman.


The education press barely noticed, and only in anticipation, perhaps because the actual comics sold out immediately.    But it was cool to see that the hard core "comix geeks" loved the story and readily acknowledged — without any political angle —the cruel choice facing kids in his situation.


Does Ultimate Spiderman suggest that this issue is resonating with a larger audience? Are there folks who will be introduced to school choice by Mile Morales?  I have no clue, Whitney, but it was fun reading a comic book again (and we've always thought our students were super-heroes.) 


I scanned the key pages from the comic book and posted them at:   

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