Friday, December 02, 2011

TEAM Schools Starts National Search for New Chief Operating Officer

The COO of KIPP TEAM in Newark is going to TN to play the same role under Chris Barbic at the Achievement School District, so TEAM is looking for a replacement:


TEAM Schools Starts National Search for New Chief Operating Officer


TEAM Schools' Chief Operating Officer, Bob Nardo, has recently announced that he will be leaving New Jersey to work as the Chief Operations Officer for the new Achievement School District.  He sent the following message and the attached document to his list – please take a minute to think about any possible candidates you might know who would like to join our team and let us know or forward them this information.


Dear friends;


With the school year well underway, I wanted to share some news with you.  Because of some pressing developments in the lives of my extended family, my wife and kids and I will need to relocate away from New Jersey a few months from now.  It is a massive understatement to say that I will miss the exemplary kids and colleagues at TEAM, especially after this second tour of duty since my wonderful sojourn with Noble.  I am thankful that I have been able to spend the better part of the last 8 years learning from all these good people.  Fortunately, I will continue working toward a similar mission as Chief Operations Officer at the new Tennessee Achievement School District.  


My transition creates an opportunity for someone else to serve as Chief Operating Officer for TEAM Charter Schools.  Can you share this with your networks?  A job description is attached, and interested people can apply online at the link below.  We have partnered with the executive search firm On-Ramps and their team is copied -- Harry Weiner, Lauren Johnson and Sarah Grayson.  They will respond to any interested applicants.  As you'll see in the job description, our COO leads a team of senior managers in the design and execution of world-class operational supports so that magic can happen in the classroom.  This is an ideal opportunity for an entrepreneurial leader, with experience leading a business unit or mission-driven organization, to play a role in growing a premier education reform organization to transforms the lives of thousands of children.  


In other words, do you know anyone that can bird-dog and problem-solve with a team of great managers on behalf of kid-focus?  If so, I hope you encourage them to help us build great schools in Newark, New Jersey, and create an example for education across the nation.


Chief Operating Officer - TEAM Charter Schools, A KIPP* Region  

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