Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ken Biberaj for NYC City Council

Speaking of pragmatic Dems who are willing to stand up to the unions to do what’s right for kids – and shifting from the national level to the NYC level – I had the pleasure recently of meeting Ken Biberaj, who is running for City Council in NYC from the upper west side. There’s no incumbent, the other candidates are toeing the teacher union line, and there’s no run-off, so a dark-horse candidate like Ken could actually pull an upset here. Here’s more info about Ken:

Ken Biberaj is a Democratic candidate running to bring renewed energy to the New York City Council in 2013.

Ken is a hardworking New York native who loves his community and cares deeply about our city.  Ken is running for City Council for three reasons: to support the Upper West Side’s quality of life, invest in the community’s future, and stand for the values of the neighborhood.

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