Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stanford's Director of Admission's take on Bronx Prep

A very nice note from Stanford's Director of Admissions to Samona Tait, the head of Bronx Prep charter school:

Just wanted to let you know that I visited Bronx Prep yesterday and I was really floored.  The visit was one of the best of my career and I’ve been visiting high schools for over 10 years, representing Boston University, Columbia University and Stanford Universit, respectively.  I was greeted with 40 or so students  who were clearly already prepared for the college admission process and they peppered me with thoughtful, important questions non-stop for nearly a full hour.  Not only were they knowledgeable about the college admission process, but I was really pleasantly surprised to learn that they already had done their homework on Stanford as well.  They were all incredibly respectful of not only me as a presenter, but of their fellow classmates as well.  Jenny and Jessica are clearly doing a top-notch job at preparing your students for even the most highly selective colleges and universities.  
Just thought I would pass this  information along.  I didn’t know about Bronx Prep until Shaunte Edmonds, a former intern of mine at Columbia, exposed me to the school.  I have to admit I was initially skeptical that I would meet many (if any) students who were  Stanford-caliber.  My visit yesterday restored much of my faith for public secondary education in New  York.
Shawn L. Abbott
 Director of Admission
 Stanford University

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