Friday, October 26, 2007

Widespread Teacher Sexual Misconduct Reported

I used to say that teacher union contracts had such absurd job protections for teachers that you'd have to be a sexual predator to get fired -- but apparently even that doesn't qualify...

 An Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 cases over five  ears in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic.
There are 3 million public school teachers nationwide, most devoted to  their work. Yet the number of abusive educators — nearly three for every  school day — speaks to a much larger problem in a system that is stacked  against victims.
Most of the abuse never gets reported. Those cases reported often end with  no action. Cases investigated sometimes can't be proven, and many abusers have  several victims.

Published: October 18, 2007
Widespread Teacher Sexual Misconduct Reported

The young teacher hung his head, avoiding eye contact. Yes, he had touched a fifth-grader's breast during recess. "I guess it was just lust of the flesh," he told his boss.

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