Monday, November 19, 2007

Connecting Dots

Speaking of idiocy, the nyceducator blog takes it to new levels:
> You have to wonder if this push towards school privatization is less about actually improving schools and more about simple privatization.
Many of the "reformers" behind the education reform movement -- Mayor Moneybags Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Eli Broad, Whitney Tilson, for example -- are wealthy businessmen with vested interests in        
   privatizing government to lower their own tax bills and increase profits for  themselves and their business cronies.

This ranks up there as one of the most hilarious and bizarre comments ever (though it really is a tremendous honor to be included on that list).  To my knowledge, every person on that list favors spending more money on public schools -- but only if it's accompanied by genuine reform.  And I for one actually favor increasing taxes on the very rich, and esp. on people like me in the hedge fund and private equity businesses who benefit from an absurd loophole whereby our income (mostly money earn as a % of the profits we make for our investors) is taxed at a very low rate.

Sunday, November 18, 2007
Bringing In The EMO's

  Washington D.C. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee is thinking about bringing in Education Management Organizations (EMO's) to run 27 failing schools in the District.

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