Friday, January 29, 2010

DFER is on a HUGE roll right now and needs your help to keep it up.

I know there are a lot of folks on this list who can afford $100/month…

Wanted: 1,000 Good DFER Men and Women To Join The DFER Army

Are you sick of watching good, solid reform-minded candidates for office get trounced by special-interests in ways that prevent public education from ever reaching its full potential?
Nearly three years ago, Democrats for Education Reform was launched to try to help pragmatic, change-oriented candidates for office win their battles against a Democratic Party establishment which often stifled innovation and the free-exchange of ideas on education reform issues.

For too long, the Democratic Party – largely because of the strong influence of special interests which were thriving under the status quo – served as the party of "no" when it came to education reform proposals. We swatted down every reform idea with the notable exception of calls for more money and lower class sizes.
Shamefully, we continued to defend public education systems that simply weren't working for the kids who most needed them. We stopped standing up for the little guy.
But all of that has been changing, thanks to people like you. We have a Democratic president and Education Secretary who are fully committed to change. We have mayors, state legislators, and school board members from coast to coast who are joining them in taking on a failing status quo. We have teachers, parents, charter school board members, and others who are helping create ground cover so that we can once and for all save public education from itself.
But we need your help to break through the wall.
Can you commit, right now, to helping pro-reform candidates for office by contributing $100 or more per month to the campaigns of DFER's "Education Reformers of the Month?"
Our goal this year is to get 1,000 people to give $100 or more each month to the candidates who are changing the world and working feverishly to close the achievement gap. By signing on and joining our list of reform warriors, you will be sending a POWERFUL message to the forces that are working to resist the kind of change in schools that President Obama has unleashed: Get out of the way, because change is gonna come.
Or if you'd prefer, contribute directly to DFER to help support candidates indirectly (and support our spectacularly lean and mean operations.)
It's easy to help. You can start winning the war by contributing today to our education reformer of the month via our secure web site and partnership with ActBlue. We'll notify you every month as our support-worthy candidates for office are announced. (You can start by supporting Eric Johnson, a fantastic candidate in a Democratic primary for an important Texas House of Representatives seat.)

If you'd like to join the DFER Army and are willing to commit to contributing at least $100 per month to DFER's preferred candidates for office, please quickly sign on here so we can make sure we keep you up to date on the latest and greatest.
We need your help today! Together, we can win this!

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