Monday, January 11, 2010

Have I become more angry over time? Absolutely.

But has the tone of my emails changed?  A few people emailed me to say so, but I'm not convinced they're right.  I've been writing some very harsh things for a long time about certain people who I think deserve it (the quotes below go back many years).  Here's a quiz: for each quote, who am I writing about?


- He/she "has a long-standing, vicious, personal vendetta… It's thuggery, plain and simple.  SHAME ON YOU!"


- He/she is "little more than a thinly disguised shill for the teachers unions"


- He/she is "a dangerous crackpot who will cause this country's most vulnerable children immeasurable harm" and who is "is a stooge for the unions, masquerading as a researcher and advocate. Yeah, he/she's an advocate all right -- but for the ADULTS in the system, not the children!"


- He/she is "selectively picking a few statistics that present a totally distorted picture" and "he/she clearly has a personal vendetta" and is "nothing more than a mouthpiece for Randi"


- His/her arguments are "toxic nonsense"


- He/she is "spreading dangerous misinformation"


I'll send out the answers in a future email…

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