Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Passing this along:

Call to action –  National Lab Day, a new hands-on learning network, launches

President Barack Obama helped launch a new platform to connect teachers, scientists and kids in a new hands-on learning initiative:    www.nationallabday.org

Readers of this list are invited to join the site.  Already in the first few weeks since launch, more than 500 STEM projects from across the country are live on the site where teachers and practitioners from the field can easily connect and start working together.  Teachers can find resources of all kinds: scientists, volunteers, techies and financial support.  As an example,  the New York City school system is working in partnership with National Lab Day to offer this platform to NYC science and math teachers. 

National Lab Day aims to inspire a wave of future innovators and foster U.S. competitiveness by improving the quality of STEM education in America. A collaboration between government and more than 200 public- and private-sector organizations, National Lab Day will connect students to hands-on learning experiences and promote tinkering in laboratory settings.

Please come to www.nationallabday.org  or email us at miro@nationallabday.org

The November press release can be found at: 

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