Monday, January 04, 2010

Rep. Jared Polis Introduces All-STAR Act H.R. 4330

Three cheers for Jared Polis (who DFER has been backing for quite some time) for introducing this bold legislation in Congress, which already has the endorsement of 12 Democrats!


Rep. Jared Polis Introduces All-STAR Act H.R. 4330

On Tuesday, December 16th, Representative Jared Polis (D-2nd CO) and a bipartisan group of 15 co-sponsors introduced the All Students Achieving through Reform (All-STAR) Act, a dramatic new proposal in support of high-quality public charter schools. Read how the All-STAR ACT will expand our commitment to successful and innovative education programs and help close the achievement gaps plaguing our public schools. Read the Alliance’s overview here. Then please take a moment to show your support for All-STAR by e-mailing your Congressional Representatives today.


Here’s DFER’s statement on it:


And here's a piece from Denver Daily News:


Further info is below.



Support Successful Innovation to Help Close the Achievement Gap:

Become an Original Co-sponsor of the Bipartisan

All Students Achieving through Reform (All-STAR) Act!


Current Co-sponsors: Berkley, Cao, DeGette, Ehlers, Himes, Hinojosa, Holt, Klein, Kosmas, Murphy (Chris), Murphy (Patrick), Norton, Paulsen, Perlmutter, Perriello.


Endorsed by: National Council of La Raza, United Negro College Fund, Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights, Education Equality Project, Black Alliance for Educational OptionsCenter for American Progress Action Fund, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Democrats for Education Reform, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, National Association of Charter School Authorizers, Charter School Lenders’ CoalitionKIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program), Uncommon Schools, Achievement First, Aspire Public Schools, Noble Network of Charter Schools, IDEA Public Schools, YES Prep Public Schools, Success Charter Network, Democracy Prep, ICEF Public Schools, NewSchools Venture Fund, Charter School Growth Fund, NCB Capital Impact & the Reinvestment Fund


Dear Colleague,


To rebuild our economy and retain our leadership, we must invest in models of successful innovation with a proven track record of results. Now, more than ever, we need to reinvigorate America’s education system and give each and every child the opportunity to learn and thrive.


Among the several proposals for achieving this shared goal, public charter schools have demonstrated that they are an integral part of systemic reform efforts. Every day, 4,618 public charter schools are educating almost 1.4 million students in 40 states and the District of Columbia, offering hope and changing lives. By expanding and replicating high-quality, academically successful public charter schools, we can build on what works and improve educational outcomes for underserved children. 


That is why I will introduce the All Students Achieving through Reform (All-STAR) Act of 2009 and invite you to join me in supporting education innovation and excellence.   All-STAR establishes a new competitive grant program in the Department of Education that will enable and encourage successful public charter school models that get the job done to expand and replicate. This will allow more students in underperforming schools to access educational opportunity and realize their full potential. At the same time, All-STAR strengthens public charter school accountability and transparency.


This legislation represents the growing bipartisan consensus that education reform is an essential component of any strategy to maintain America’s global leadership and ensure our economic growth and prosperity. Let’s reward educational entrepreneurship, duplicate success, and close the achievement gap. America’s students deserve nothing less.


If you have any questions or would like to become an original co-sponsor of All-STAR, please contact Spiros Protopsaltis in my office at 5-5721 or




                                                            Jared Polis

                                                            Member of Congress

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