Monday, January 11, 2010

Unions v. Race to the Top

You might be wondering where the unions are amidst all of this reform.  Fighting state by state, but they don't have much power to derail this reform (a very unusual and uncomfortable position no doubt).  Getting "local education agencies" (read: the unions) to sign off on the RttT is only worth 45 points out of 500, a mere 9%...  Here's a WSJ editorial, which has it all wrong – it should be celebrating the fact that the Obama administration didn't give the unions any power to derail reform:

·         REVIEW & OUTLOOK

·         JANUARY 7, 2010, WSJ editorial

Unions v. Race to the Top

States are waiting for Arne Duncan.

Is the Obama Administration going to side with school reformers, or will it reward state and local teachers union affiliates that defend the status quo? This is a question states are asking as they prepare their applications for $4.35 billion in Race to the Top competitive grants. Some guidance from Education Secretary Arne Duncan would be helpful.

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