Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Supt. plans to fire all Central Falls HS teachers

In more in-the-trenches action, Deborah Gist continues to ROCK Rhode Island's educational establishment:

The teachers didn't blink.

Under threat of losing their jobs if they didn't go along with extra work for not a lot of extra pay, the Central Falls Teachers' Union refused Friday morning to accept a reform plan for one of the worst-performing high schools in the state.

The superintendent didn't blink either.

After learning of the union's position, School Supt. Frances Gallo said she will send a letter to the state education commissioner Friday informing her that she wants to fire the high school's 74 teachers.

Education Commissioner Deborah Gist has said she would seriously consider a proposal to dismiss all of the teachers
at Central Falls High School if union officials and School Supt. Frances Gallo are unable to reach agreement on another plan to transform the chronically low-performing school.

Gallo said she is moving forward with termination proceedings because the union has refused to agree to Gallo's six-point plan for transforming the struggling high school. Gallo plans on sending a letter to high school teachers next week, when they are on school vacation, informing them of her decision.


Supt. plans to fire all Central Falls HS teachers

6:13 PM Fri, Feb 12,


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