Monday, March 08, 2010

KIPP network in Newark

Speaking of skimming, Ryan Hill, the founder of KIPP's network in Newark, and I did a joint presentation to prospective supporters in NYC yesterday, during which Ryan presented data about his schools.  Like KIPP Lynn, there's REVERSE skimming going on: the KIPP schools are 96% African American (and 4% Hispanic) vs. 68% in Newark public schools, and 80% free/reduced lunch vs. 70%, with a comparable percentage of special ed students.  Of the students entering the two middle schools, a mere 32% are at grade level in reading.  And the results?  Of the 350 or so graduates of the two middle schools, all went to college-prep high schools and so far only one – ONE! – has dropped out.  That's a 99.7% retention rate vs. Newark's 50% high school dropout rate.

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