Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The National Standards Distraction

This WSJ editorial is largely wrong-headed in belittling the importance of national standards, saying basically that they're a distraction and we should focus on choice and accountability.  We need to do ALL of this!

National standards won't magically boost learning in the U.S., and if this debate distracts attention from more effective reforms, then public education will be worse off. State and local educators don't need more top-down control from Washington. They need the freedom and authority to close bad schools, recruit better teachers and pay them based on effectiveness rather than tenure.

Most important, families need more educational choices. Some 2,000 high schools are responsible for half of all drop-outs in America, and forcing those schools to compete for students and shape up or shut down is the main chance. Higher standards will be the fruit of such reforms, not the driver.


The National Standards Distraction

Accountability and choice remain the best drivers of reform.

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