Monday, March 08, 2010

Who’s Winning the Race to the Top?

Here's Tom Carroll with an assessment earlier this week (before the finalists were announced) of which seven states had the best chance of winning (all but Michigan were finalists):


Which states are the leading contenders to get a slice of the Obama administration's $4 billion Race to the Top initiative, which will reward states with federal dollars if they embrace certain education reforms? Forty states and the District of Columbia have submitted applications; finalists will be announced as early as next week, and the winners in April, after detailed analysis by 58 reviewers. They will rank the applications according to 19 criteria, including the states' charter-school laws, their track records in implementing education reforms, their use of student data to evaluate teachers, their efforts to raise the quality of teachers and other school officials, and their plans to turn around failing schools. States not selected in the initial round of grants can submit applications by June 1 for a second round.


After reviewing all the available state applications, totaling thousands of pages, I've grouped the 40 applying states (and D.C.) into three categories: very competitive (three states); competitive (four states); and likely losers (33 states, including four last-minute flameouts). With luck, both the winners and the losers in Race to the Top will prompt further education reform across the nation.


Who's Winning the Race to the Top?

An assessment

Thomas W. Carroll

26 February 2010

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