Monday, April 05, 2010

Race to the Top swiftly changes education dynamic

Kudos to former Senator Bill Frist for this op ed in the USA Today, which reinforces my view that school reform issue is one issue in which bipartisanship is possible:

          Something remarkable is happening in American public education.

In a matter of months, the Obama administration's Race to the Top competition engineered the kind of wholesale reform that ordinarily would take a generation to pull off. Ideas once considered to be the realm of conservative education policy are seeing a refreshing bipartisan embrace. In contrast to the partisan feuds defining the health care debate, Race to the Top is remaking public education as a practically non-partisan issue.

…let's give President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan credit: Race to the Top has rapidly pushed massive change into a system of public education that has needed it for a while. We might see some unintended effects. But given the state of American public education, it was time to do something bold and different.

Let's hope the race eventually leads to a marathon of lasting reform.


Race to the Top swiftly changes education dynamic

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