Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shifting gears to Newark, here’s an update from my last email, in which a friend of mine wrote:


You'll love this:  One of the biggest threats to Booker's slate on Tuesday is in the South Ward, where Central High School's principal (Ras Baraka) is running for city council in the South Ward – and could very well win -- in which case he'll have two "part-time" government jobs paying him a total of over $200,000 (more than the governor makes).  Good thing Central's doing well enough (4% passing) that he doesn't need to spend any more time working with the kids… 


Well, guess what?  I just heard that Ras Baraka did, in fact, win a seat on Newark's city council.  What a total disgrace that he doesn't immediately have to give up his job running Central HS!

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