Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Basil Smikle, 38, Bringing Ed Reformers to Table

A nice interview with Basil Smikle:

eD: What was the catalyst that led you to you to jump into the race to run against Bill Perkins of Harlem?

The catalyst that got me into the race was the pitting of parents and neighbors and schools against one another instead of the honest and sincere search for best education practices in upper Manhattan.

I think the anger and frustration that has been stoked on both sides could be mitigated by bringing everyone to the table and trying to search for really sound ways to improve teaching and learning in this district. Couple that with a number of other lapses in leadership on my opponent's side specifically, and then the Senate as a body…

I think there is a need for new leadership and I felt strongly I had the talent and energy to really make a difference and be a better advocate in the community.



Basil Smikle, 38, Bringing Ed Reformers to Table

by Douglas CretsMay 31, 2010

An interview with Basil Smikle, who is running against Bill Perkins in Harlem for a State Senate seat.

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