Sunday, September 04, 2011

Comment from volunteers

From a friend who volunteers at a high-performing charter school:


The Fox crew sounds like a spoof on the "Trading Places" movie.  Every time I think about that show I literally feel nauseous.  


I watched that episode on my DVR last night ... after spending the day talking to my school's alumni support office about a WONDERFUL boy whom I knew 7 years ago who just found out that he is $8,000 short on tuition (due to losing an athletic scholarship .. because he can't get his SAT's high enough) ... and now thinks that he won't be starting college (as planned) in 2 weeks. 


We have a bunch of kids who have gaps in  funding of just a few thousand dollars - because you need a friggin PhD in finance (which their parents don't happen to have) to understand all of the ins-and-outs of the loans and grants that their kids need to go to college. 


The boy I spoke of above thought that he had his bases covered - he would live at home to save $7000.  Then, at the 11th hour they find out that if he lives at home, he loses $9,000 of grants (that stipulate that he live on campus). 


.. and none of those assholes at Fox news have ever worked as hard as the children who they now refer to as "lazy animals".

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