Monday, September 19, 2011

Please support Joanna Rees

I want to reach out to you regarding a fellow education reformer, Joanna Rees, who is battling to make real change in San Francisco. Joanna is running for Mayor of San Francisco first and foremost because of the state of public education in her city.  Joanna knows that the change that must be implemented in the public school system can only be set in motion if the city's leadership makes it the highest priority. And right now, that leadership isn't there.

I believe that Joanna is the leader who can make it happen.

For being such a prominent city, San Francisco is relatively small—the school system boasts 56,000 students and fewer than 120 schools. Making a significant impact is entirely attainable, and would allow San Francisco to be a model for excellence in urban education that could act as a framework for larger cities. We just need someone to stand up to the machine and instigate that change.

As a board member of the New Schools Venture Fund, Joanna led cutting-edge efforts to transform public schools in underserved communities – from supporting teachers to opening public charter schools to providing support and leadership training for teachers and principals. She also served on the board of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and on the Advisory Board of the San Francisco School Alliance. I know that she has the leadership ability, the skills, and most importantly, the passion, to make a significant impact in San Francisco's education system if she can win this race.

Please support Joanna in her quest to create a model for excellence in Public Education and reform, so that we don't let this opportunity pass us by. 

Joanna will be in New York this Tuesday, September 20th for a fundraiser at the home of Annik and Michael Wolf. You can find more information about the event or RSVP here--it is a great opportunity to meet her and ask her any questions you may have about her ideas. You can learn more about her education platform here. Lastly, but most importantly, Joanna has to raise enough money to stay competitive and to win. Contributing to her campaign would be the most helpful thing you can to do help. Click here to make a donation.

Let's not let this opportunity pass to transform a district in one of our most prominent cities. Please support Joanna Rees.

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