Monday, September 19, 2011

SAT Reading, Writing Scores Hit Low

No doubt critics of NCLB, etc. will use the latest feeble SAT scores to bash reform, but as usual they'd be wrong.  Our students aren't doing well to be sure, but I don't think they're getting worse – it's just that more disadvantaged students are taking the test:

SAT scores for the high-school graduating class of 2011 fell in all three subject areas, and the average reading and writing scores were the lowest ever recorded, according to data released on Wednesday.

…College Board officials noted that the declining scores can be attributed, in part, to a larger and more diverse test-taking population. As more students aim for college and sit for the exam, scores decline.

Ten years ago, 8% of test takers were Latino, compared with 15% in 2011. For black students, the percentage jumped to 13%, compared with 9% in 2001. A growing percentage of students also grew up speaking a language other than English, and more than one-fifth of this year's test takers were poor enough to receive a waiver to take the exam for free.


SAT Reading, Writing Scores Hit Low


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