Sunday, September 04, 2011

Teachers' union behind anti-Rhee site

Like her great friend Ravitch, Randi is a very clever and persuasive writer – she appears to reasonable and reform-oriented – but unfortunately for her, actions speak louder than words.  First, the very day after she published the article above, Politico breaks this story of dirty tricks that she and the unions are known for:

Teachers' union behind anti-Rhee site, the anonymous website bashing former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, was created by a computer registered to the American Federation of Teachers.

The site, which refers to Rhee as "the Sarah Palin of education" among other things and is the main online source of attacks on Rhee, was launched in February. An tracking tool traces the IP address back to the AFT's offices in D.C. The site has since jumped to several other IP addresses.

It's not a huge surprise that the AFT doesn't like Rhee, but both Rhee and the teachers' unions have avoided appearing to personalize what is, in fact, a very personal policy conflict.

The site is the latest in a series of seemingly grass-roots education movements that are actually backed by unions and union members. Last month, we reported that the Save Our Schools March presented itself as a grass-roots event but failed to publicly list the union members involved in its executive committee.

A spokesman for AFT has not yet responded to POLITICO's request for comment.

Here are comments from a friend about this:


In the wake of their secret plan to kill Parent Trigger, This makes AFT look both cowardly and thuggish.  This website is frightening.  They are literally stalking her.  Many reformers from LA to NYC (including myself) have their own personal stalker assigned to them, just to harass and intimidate us.  Given the events of the last few weeks, the other side has been exposed as having no moral boundary they will not cross to defend an indefensible status quo.  Our side does not do stuff like this.  Just appalling. 

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