Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Senate panel backs lifting cap on Michigan charter schools

It's great to see this in Michigan:

A bill that would lift the cap on opening charter schools in Michigan – allowing for an unlimited number of charters to open – was approved this afternoon by the Senate Education Committee.

The bill is part of a seven-bill package – dubbed the Parent Empowerment Education Reform legislation – that has been debate in the committee the last several weeks.

Among the things the bill would do:

• Universities would no longer be limited to authorizing a maximum of 150 charter schools

• Community colleges could authorize charter schools outside their geographic boundaries

• Charter schools could be located in school districts with a graduation rate of 75% for the last three school years

• Charter schools would be exempt from property taxes

• Charter schools would no longer have to comply with a school district's collective bargaining agreement


Senate panel backs lifting cap on Michigan charter schools

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