Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Social Innovation in a Networked World

 Cami Anderson will be speaking on a panel moderated by my friend Amy Rosen on Oct. 7th at the Columbia B School Social Enterprise Conference:





Education Panel:  9:45am, October 7th,


Moderator:  Amy Rosen, President & CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship




·         Sharren Bates, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

·         Kristen Kane, Chief Operating Officer, News Corporation's Education Division

·         Michele Cahill, Vice President of National Program and Program Director of Urban Education, Carnegie Corporation

·         Cami Anderson, Superintendant of Newark Public Schools


Replicating Models of Success: Spreading Innovation in the Education Sector


The last decade of education reform has seen varied results.  Clearly, however, some reform models have made extraordinary and consistent gains through a combination of hard work and innovative approaches to instruction.  One important theme linking many of the most successful models has been an emphasis on the primacy of principals and teachers as the most important levers for student achievement.  In an effort to empower principals and teachers, some large urban school districts, such as New York City, have decentralized decision making and pushed power down to the school level.  Enacting a reform agenda centered around decentralization and principal empowerment presents unique challenges and raises some critical questions: 


·         In a large, decentralized urban district, how can school leaders recontextualize, replicate, and scale successful, yet isolated, innovations and effective practices?

·         What role can structured networks of schools, like seen in New York City and some successful charter management organizations, play in building capacity and spreading knowledge? 

·         How can technology help in the all of these spreading, scaling, replicating and "networking" processes, and what are its limitations?


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