Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Pre-K education in NYC

I'm glad de Blasio got funding for pre-K – now I hope he can execute well:

Mayor Bill de Blasio has every right to call the agreement between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders in Albany to finance a vast expansion of prekindergarten in New York City a major victory — for him politically and for tens of thousands of children who will be put on a path to a better future.

The amount — $600 million for two years, to start — is not everything Mr. de Blasio said he needed, and it won't be raised through a higher income tax on high-earning New Yorkers, an idea that Mr. Cuomo decisively rejected. But never mind, the de Blasio administration says, $300 million a year is enough to offer free, full-day, high-quality, prekindergarten classes across the city, at $10,000 per 4-year-old. New York is poised to make a commitment to preschool on a larger scale than any city in the country.

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