Sunday, June 15, 2014

KIPP opens in Israel

3) Speaking of KIPP expanding, believe it or not, a school modeled after KIPP is open in Israel! Here's an email from the founder and CEO of the YEDA-Leo Baeck schools, Eran Dubovi ( and below is an article:
Demography defines destiny in Israel today!
This fact is clearly reflected in widening gaps between the educational achievement of children living in Israel's social and geographic periphery—areas that have become pockets of despair and high unemployment—and children living in the center of the country who have greater access to academic opportunities.
But even in the center of the country increasing numbers of youth, especially from the Ethiopian, Ultraorthodox (Haredi), FSU immigrants families, and Arab communities - Israel's most disadvantaged communities - have little confidence in their ability to succeed.
Equally alarming are the recently conducted comparative studies, which show that Israeli students are consistently ranked lowest among developed countries in core curriculum subjects.
These educational gaps are causing increased unemployment, depleting Israel's national strength, threatening its long-term security and increasing the gaps between Israel and other developed countries of the world. Israel can and must do better.
The Leo Baeck Education Center has been a leader in Israeli education for 76 years. Inspired by the success of the KIPP model, Leo Baeck embarked on a mission to transform the life of underprivileged children through education. Leo Baeck firmly believes that demographics cannot be allowed to define destiny. Leo Baeck also believes that results are driven by access to opportunity and high expectations!
If KIPP could transform public education in America, why not bring the KIPP model to Israel, whose immigrant population reflects similar demographics, cultural and social challenges as the students enrolled at KIPP? So a dream was realized. On August 27, 2013, the first YEDA-Leo Baeck school (Inspired by KIPP) opened in Kiryat Bialik, Israel.
Yeda Leo Baeck's mission is to establish a chain of schools that will adhere to the State Curriculum, but will provide vastly enriched educational, cultural, social and Jewish experiences that transcend the current Israeli norm to underachieving, disadvantaged children living primarily in Israel's geographic and social periphery.
By doing so, the Yeda Leo Baeck schools will enable the narrowing of educational gaps in Israel and allow for disadvantaged children to have the opportunity of reach their full potential and achieve success.
Leo Baeck believes that this new vision for the Israeli education system can truly transform the lives of underserved children in Israel.
The spirit of KIPP has made Aliyah!

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