Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another courageous Democrat who needs our support:

Another courageous Democrat who needs our support:

 Alisha Thomas Morgan (D) ( – She currently serves in the Georgia House of Representatives where she sits on the Education, Appropriations and Health & Human Services committees, and also serves as Vice Chair of the Innovation Subcommittee on Education. In this position, she supported Amendment 1 (the constitutional amendment that reestablished the Georgia Charter School Commission in 2012); co-sponsored the state’s new Teacher and Leader evaluation law that better measures the effectiveness of educators; is leading the effort to end the state’s “Last In, First Out” hiring practice for new teachers; and sponsored a school transferring law allowing parents to choose a public school within their school district based on the best interest of their child. Her campaign website lists additional policy priorities,

                     Implementing a strong teacher evaluation system that gives educators clear and immediate feedback to improve their teaching

                     Create partnerships with the faith, civic, and corporate communities that will enhance educational opportunities for educators and students

                     Build relationships with private and non-profit entities to provide training for school and district leaders in the areas of human capital and leadership.

                     Encouraging the use of data driven decisions that allow education professionals the opportunity to think outside the box to meet the needs…for all students

                     Equipping every Georgia public school with state-of-the-art technology to provide students with individualized learning opportunities.

                     Common Core – [She] believes that staying-the-course with the higher standards is the right thing to do for Georgia…

                     Parent Choice – She is a supporter of virtual education, public charters, and is the author of the state’s law that allows parents to choose a public school within the school district that best meets the needs of their child.… Morgan believes that all options should be on the table for parents and students, enabling them to choose the approach to education that best meets their learning styles and individual needs.


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