Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unions’ desperation - calling for Arne Duncan’s resignation

In another sign of the unions' desperation (and lack of any strategic sense whatsoever; thank you!!!), the NEA at its annual meeting approved a resolution calling for Arne Duncan's resignation. He was so clever in his reply (his best line: "I always try to stay out of local union politics. I think most teachers do too."):

But Duncan couldn't be baited.

"Secretary Duncan looks forward to continuing to work with NEA and its new leadership," spokeswoman Dorie Nolt said over the weekend. And at a White House press briefing Monday, during which Duncan outlined a plan to ensure all students have access to highly effective teachers, Duncan said he was "trying to stay out of local union politics."

"We've had a very good working relationship with NEA in the past," he said and congratulated President-elect Lily Eskelsen García on her win.

Duncan also noted that the president of the other major teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers, was joining him Monday for the rollout of the teacher equity proposal. He said had NEA members not been at their convention, "I think they would have stood with us on this" today, too. The AFT is not expected to consider a resolution calling on Duncan to step down at their convention, which starts Friday.

And I am bursting with pride about this!

Van Roekel didn't call out Duncan by name, but he did blast Democrats for Education Reform, a group that supports Duncan, in his keynote address. He told delegates that teachers everywhere have had enough of being "attacked" by during a reform era that he said began with the George W. Bush administration and continues to this day.


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