Thursday, November 06, 2014

Minneapolis' worst teachers are in the poorest schools

Yet another study in yet another city showing what is universally true of our educational system: for the kids that most need the best teachers to have any chance in life, it instead wildly disproportionately sticks them with the worst:

New teacher evaluation data show that Minneapolis schools with the largest number of low-income students have the highest concentration of poor-performing instructors.

Students in the most affluent neighborhoods of the city are far more likely to have the best and most experienced teachers, according to school district records obtained by the Star Tribune.

The new information is emerging as Minneapolis schools are facing federal scrutiny for an achievement gap between white and minority students that is among the worst in the nation.

"It's alarming that it took this to understand where teachers are," SuperintendentBernadeia Johnson said Friday. "We probably knew that, but now have the hard evidence. It made me think about how we need to change our staffing and retention."

The school district's teacher evaluation data for the 2013-14 school year reflect a larger national trend in which the schools with the highest needs often have the newest and least experienced teachers.

Minneapolis' worst teachers are in the poorest schools, data show

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