Thursday, November 06, 2014

Why We Must Vote Cuomo Tuesday

Nicole Brisbane, the new head of DFER-NY, with a powerful column:

The cornerstone of liberalism is its anchor in social equity. Liberals have long been the champions of those in society disadvantaged by systemic inequalities. Rooting political beliefs in the concern for the well-being of all is the ideal that built the modern Democratic Party. 

But the Democratic Party is developing a somewhat lunatic fringe. An insidious subset of members whose closed-minded, protectionist views drive them to surprising lengths to protect a status quo deeply in need of repair.  

This subset claim to share our desire to achieve social equity, but when you raise the topic of public education, a very different narrative emerges. 

On one hand, progressive reformers advocate for more high-quality public school options and policies that recognize and value good teaching. We fight for programs that collect knowledge and data about how students and schools are performing so we can find ways to boost student achievement AND graduation rates AND college completion AND job opportunities AND get closer to income equality AND stem the school-to-prison pipeline AND one day end the cycle of poverty that plagues communities all over the country. We're looking to create a positive "pipeline" in education, one that leads every student from early childhood education to a quality public school and ultimately to a successful life filled with opportunity. And so far, it's working: black and Latino college enrollment and completion data shows steady increases over the past few years (analysis can be found here).

This subset of Dems claims that reform policies are some type of corporate privatization conspiracy: that somehow better outcomes for kids benefit the rich. That our public schools are just fine and poverty is the primary factor to blame for low student achievement and graduation rates. Anyone who challenges this theory becomes a target…

Why We Must Vote Cuomo Tuesday 
November 3, 2014



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