Monday, March 09, 2015

Alcohol’s Hold on Campus

 If you really want to dive into the alcohol problem on our college campuses, I highly recommend this seven-part series in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled Alcohol's Hold on Campus (see attached report and web links below):
Drinking dominates the college experience, but it poses severe risks for students: injury, sexual assault, death—not to mention the more common flunking or dropping out. For years colleges have tried to tackle the problem, but little of what they've done has had real impact. How can colleges control excessive drinking—or can they? Lots of research is out there, but what really works?
1)      A River of Booze: Inside One Town's Uneasy Embrace of Drinking (
2)      Why Colleges Haven't Stopped Students From Binge Drinking: Decades of attention without much difference (
3)      4 Campuses Respond to Risky Drinking (Cal State Chico, Lehigh, Yale, Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln) (
4)      Protecting the Party: Students Look to Prevent Sexual Assault While Drinking Just as Much (
5)      If Students Have Time to Get Drunk, Colleges Aren't Doing Their Jobs (
6)      How to Be Intoxicated, With Help from Euripides (
7)      6 Campuses and the Booze That Surrounds Them (
8)    A Conversation About What Colleges Can Do (

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