Monday, March 09, 2015

Charters - Philadelphia

Marc refers to "all but one" of the Philadelphia mayoral candidates being anti-charter. The one is a fantastic and brave warrior whom I've had the privilege of meeting, Tony Williams – and he needs our support (I maxed out to him). To do so, go to: (DFER is strongly supporting him), click All, and then scroll down. Here's more info on him:

Anthony H. Williams, Mayor (PA)

Philadelphia will have its first open Mayoral election since 2007. Luckily, State Senator Anthony Williams is more than a worthy successor to Nutter's impressive legacy on education. From school choice to higher accountability, Williams is at the forefront of education reform in PA.

Insider Information

"As one of the strongest voices for reform in PA, and a habitual challenger of the status quo, Williams will likely face stiff opposition. The ed reform community has long had William's back, we must stand with him now" — Patrick van Keerbergen, National Political Director

Thoughts on Last Night's SRC Meeting

by Marc Mannella, CEO and Founder of KIPP Philadelphia Schools


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