Thursday, August 25, 2016

Students Matter

Good to see the CA setback hasn't deterred Students Matter:

Students Matter just filed Martinez v. Malloy, a new federal lawsuit on behalf of a group of Connecticut students and their parents challenging state laws and policies that actively prevent students from accessing quality public schools.

This is Students Matter's third education equality case, and our first in federal court. The lawsuit targets a set of state laws and policies that limit access to quality public school options — including magnet, traditional and charter public schools — that are delivering a world-class education to students of all backgrounds. These unnecessary restrictions have created a system in which zip code and luck of the draw determine whether students have a shot at a quality education and, we believe, violate the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of equal protection and due process.

We know what works. It's time to cut through unnecessary and harmful red tape and make sure all students have access to great public schools. Click now to learn more aboutMartinez v. Malloy.

If this case is successful, it will not only have a tremendous impact on thousands of public school students across Connecticut, but it will also reaffirm our nation's commitment to providing every child, regardless of race or family background, with an equal shot at the American Dream.

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