Thursday, August 31, 2006

Schools Chief Says Union Rules Lead Him to Create Unneeded Jobs

Sorry for the deluge of emails today -- catching up on some reading...
1) Kudos to Klein for holding firm on contract negotiations with the principals' union.  Hopefully, the absurdity of paying unwanted assistant principals $5 million per year to sit around and do nothing will highlight the need to change the contract such that unwanted asst. principals not only can't force their way into schools but also can -- I hope you're sitting down! -- actually have to find another career!
Schools Chief Says Union Rules Lead Him to Create Unneeded Jobs
Published: August 31, 2006

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said yesterday that he would create unnecessary jobs at full pay for 44 assistant principals who have not found regular assignments despite numerous vacancies, rather than allow them to bump less senior assistant principals from their posts.

In his weekly memo to New York City’s principals, Mr. Klein complained yesterday that the labor contract with the union representing principals and assistant principals was forcing him to create the unneeded jobs. He cited what he considered problematic seniority provisions in their contract as a reason that his hands were tied. He also said the provisions were a major reason the city had failed to reach a contract with the union.

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