Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mayor's Promise To Reform Teacher Tenure Process Sparks Speculation

Someone told me Randi said this, but I had a hard time believing it, so I searched the web -- and sure enough, here it is!  Unbelievable...
"Using individual student's test scores in the evaluation process of new teachers and that is not only morally bankrupt but legally incorrect," said Weingarten.
Student learning should be the overwhelming MOST IMPORTANT factor in evaluating teachers and deciding whether to give them tenure.  While student test scores aren't the only way to measure this, they're a critically important way.
I'm sick and tired of hearing how awful testing is.  I have no doubt many tests could be improved, but when the NAEP shows that the majority of black and Latino 4th graders are ILLITERATE, the problem is not the test!!!
Mayor's Promise To Reform Teacher Tenure Process Sparks Speculation
January 22, 2007, NY1

In his State of the City speech last week Mayor Bloomberg said he wants to reform how teachers gain tenure as part of the next phase in his schools overhaul. The remark has triggered a whole lot of speculation and debate. NY1 Education Reporter Michael Meenan filed the following report.

"We are building a more rigorous review process – one that will assure that tenure decisions are made thoughtfully and based on the facts," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

With that line Mayor Bloomberg seemed to be taking on one of the teaching profession's most sacred cows and teachers union President Randi Weingarten says she had no idea it was coming.

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