Friday, March 02, 2007

Respect Is Nice, but Principals Want a Raise

Here's an article about principals in NYC, who continue to operate without a contact thanks to the obstinacy of their union and the strong stand taken by Bloomberg and Klein (though you wouldn't know this from the article).  They definitely should get a raise, especially in light of the proposed new reforms, which really empowers them, but they too have to stop behaving like the longshoreman's union and get rid of a bunch of crazy things that currently exist.

Mr. Klein has said he wants to increase pay, a point he reiterated in a statement yesterday, saying: “Our principals clearly deserve a raise.”

But he has also insisted on eliminating work rules that he said pose conflicts of interest between principals and assistant principals who are represented by the same union.

Respect Is Nice, but Principals Want a Raise
Published: January 29, 2007

Alejandro Soto, the principal of Intermediate School 184 in the South Bronx, is willing to accept the wider authority Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wants to give to school leaders. He is willing to weather further reorganization of the school system. He is willing to be held responsible for his students’ scores and to face the scrutiny of outside evaluators and surveys of parents.

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