Monday, July 02, 2007

Smash Your F***ing Head in

Kudos to the Center for Union Facts for having the guts to take on the heinous Newark Teachers' Union (for background, see:  In case anyone doubted their thuggery, here's the latest:

Newark Teachers Union Threatens to “Smash Your F***ing Head  in” <>


As we continue to roll out our campaign  to publicize the damage done by the Newark Teachers Union, we  stopped by NTU headquarters today to pick up copies of their most recent tax  documents. The IRS requires labor unions (and all other non-profits) to turn  over their tax documents for “public inspection” upon request. And according  to IRS regulations, anyone who asks for the forms in person is entitled to  receive copies the same business day. The forms even say “open to public  inspection” right at the top.

So, when we politely asked for a copy of their tax forms, you can guess how  the union responded.

After telling us they didn’t care what the law said and to “get the f***  out,” one union boss told us:

“If I smash your f***ing head in with this toolbox, nothing would happen  to me. I’d have a blanket and a cup of coffee, and be out [of jail] in half an  hour.”

It is illegal to refuse to turn over public tax forms — the federal fine  can go as high as $10,000. Let’s hope they don’t hold out and saddle their own  members with that fine.

Make  sure to check out to see what it is that makes the  NTU so smashing angry. <>

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