Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm OK

After being an Obama emailing/blogging machine for the past few months, I took a rest after the sweetest victory ever!  Apparently it was too long of a rest because I got an email from a friend last week wondering if I was OK -- or if I was being so quiet because I was being vetted for a position in the Obama administration.  LOL!  Yes, I'm fine -- just exhausted (being in the money management business these days is no picnic!) -- and it's way too early in my career to do public service full time; I'm waaaaay too busy with three businesses (investing, conferences and a newsletter, plus writing monthly columns for the Financial Times and Kiplinger's and book underway) and various nonprofit activities.  Maybe when Cory Booker is elected President (in 12 or 16 years I'd guess) I'll be ready to serve...

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