Monday, March 08, 2010

“school choice for me, but not for you”

I wrote about union hypocrisy in my last email, but this really takes the cake – their motto appears to be: "school choice for me, but not for you"… (from a friend about Randi's successor as the head of the AFT in NYC):


Mike Mulgrew sent his daughter to Catholic schools and refuses to discuss his decision. His flack actually said "Mike Mulgrew does not discuss his personal life". This is like the CEO of Coke drinking Pepsi.


My friend also adds:


They are now opposing all new schools, not just charters. They are opposing the 100 Black Men Eagle Academy III in Queens.
They have purchased the NAACP to assist them in their efforts. Our teachers are UFT members, but WE select them and control
the buildings.


Sadly, he's right about the NAACP, which is clinging to the failed status quo…

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