Monday, April 12, 2010

Arrogant, Ignorant, Racist Rant

A friend of a friend of a friend wrote this arrogant, ignorant, racist screed in response to reading my powerpoint presentation on A Right Denied.  I normally ignore such nonsense, but I'm sharing it because I fear it represents the views of millions of people.  It's quite horrifying what watching Fox "News" 24/7 can do to a mind… I can't tell if this lunatic has never set foot in an inner-city school – or has spent TOO much time in one!  (I've cleaned up the language a tiny bit so it doesn't get caught in every spam filter).  Here's an excerpt:

Americans watch more than twice as much TV as any other country. This has nothing to do with education -- unless it's getting in the way of it. And if TV is getting in the way of education, is that education's fault? No. It's parents' fault for letting their little fatties sit in front of the electronic babysitter all day. I wasn't allowed to watch TV until I did my homework. I was allowed to go out and play, because going out to play was good for me. Eventually it got dark and I had to come in and do my homework. If there was still time, I watched TV. Again, parenting.


The study has one thing right: the black-white gap. And why do you think it's so gaping? Yep. Parenting. White kids grow up far more often in two-parent households with parents who stress education. The average black kid tends to come from a single-family home, probably with a mother who is 25 when the kid is in fifth grade. That kid has no chance to begin with. His educational environment is poor and nobody at home is doing anything to fight that. We can't point this out, though, because it's racist. At least that's what the black leaders will say. Blame everyone but ourselves, right?


Race is the huge elephant in the classroom. "Democrats for education reform" are too busy being politically correct to actually BE correct and call a spade a spade -- so to speak -- when it comes to this gap. "The majority of black and Latino fourth graders struggle to read a simple children's book." WHY DO YOU F-ING THINK THAT IS, YOU LIBERAL MORONS? How hard is it to put two and two together here? Blacks and Latinos aren't inherently dumber than white kids. We know this because plenty of black people and Latinos do excel. They even occasionally get to be really, really bad presidents, but presidents nonetheless.


Next the study talks about kids from low-income households and how they struggle. No shit. We needed research to point this out? Next up, "Bear shits in woods, a study by top lefties." And then "74 percent of students at elite colleges are from top quartile households." Good God. Why didn't they title this study "Stating the Obvious"?


I'm up to page 44 now and so far can dismiss nearly every page as "No shit, Sherlock." But the Democrats for Education Reform don't want to look at what the real problem is. Their liberal nature won't allow it. So I'll say it for them: We f-ing enable it as a country. We pay single mothers to have kids. Hands are extended and we fill their palms, instead of making them get off their asses. We allow "pushing 2 for Spanish" instead of making people assimilate, like our ancestors did. We allow them to go on speaking a foreign -- YES, LIBBIES -- FOREIGN -- language instead of making them learn English, so they can actually survive and perhaps even succeed in, wait for it, an ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRY.


Up to page 50 now, and here's my favorite part ever: The color of your sin and your zip code are almost entirely determinative of the quality of the public education this nation provides. WHAT A F-ING LOAD OF FUCKING BULLSHIT. Seriously. Did this study bother to examine the numbers among kids with single parents? Among kids whose parents were not even 18 yet when they spawned? Try looking at that, liberals. You'll find your answers. But you can't, right? Because you know what answers you'll find, and those answers are unacceptable in your agenda. Again, more fun to be PC than just "C."


Their ideas for improving the current system are hilarious, but this one takes the cake: Pay teachers more in certain high-demand subject areas in hard-to-staff schools, and based on merit.


Ok, first off, nobody wants to teach in the "hard-to-staff" schools for a reason. They don't want their cars stolen during the day, or to be mugged or car-jacked on the way to and from school. But let's go with it. Let's stick the best teachers in those schools, and watch how quickly they become the worst teachers. The best teachers can't make inner-city gang members show up to school and suddenly become math wizards.


…FIX YOUR GOD DAMN HOUSES AND NEIGHBORHOODS and your schools will fall into place.

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