Thursday, May 27, 2010

Union Facts

For the facts about the unions' power, see my school reform presentation (the latest version, just updated this week, is posted under #1 at, especially page 92 – here's the text:


The teachers' unions are the single most powerful interest group in the country, and are particularly influential in the Democratic Party


      4.6 million members, accounting for 2% of all U.S. adults

      Public employees are the only growing force in the labor movement

      "NEA/AFT revenues at all levels probably exceed $1.3 billion a year, not including their PAC funds, foundations, and a host of special funds under their control." – Dr. Myron Lieberman

      Not just money, but grassroots organization to get out the vote, etc.

-          Turnkey campaign operation

-          Filings, yard signs, mailings, telephone calls, volunteers, fundraising

-          Crucial foot soldiers in elections

      Teacher union representatives account for approximately 10% of the delegates at the Democratic National Convention, more than any state except California

      Often very influential in electing school board members

-          In such cases, they are, in effect, negotiating with themselves

      As one Southern governor said: "There's only one thing you have to know about politics in my state.  Every teacher has every summer before every election off."

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