Wednesday, July 28, 2010

State Faces Challenges in Implementing Common Core Standards

Here's an article from NJ about the difficulty states will face executing on the common standards (with a nice quote from DFER's Charles Barone):


When the state Board of Education signed on to the new national standards for language arts and math last month, it joined what is now 24 other states setting a single milestone for what every child should be taught in school and when.


But the real work has only just begun, as the vote set off a flurry of activity for the state to next develop a matching "model curriculum" for schools to follow and move toward new state assessments, both short- and long-term.

… "Standards aren't going to mean much unless you measure everyone in the same way," said Charles Barone, a policy analyst for the Democrats for Education Reform, a New York-based group now with a branch in New Jersey.

"Otherwise, it just sits on a shelf in Trenton, while some students continue to be asked to achieve at one level and others at another," he said.


State Faces Challenges in Implementing Common Core Standards

Signing on was just the start. Next up for NJ: developing a matching model curriculum

 By John Mooney, July 21

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