Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fenty's Loss in D.C.: A Blow to Education Reform?

Fenty's loss in DC was a big one, but as I noted earlier, it wasn't primarily due to his embrace of genuine reform and support of Rhee, as Andy Rotherham points out in this Time article:


It's worth noting, however, that although pundits frequently described the mayoral primary as a referendum on Rhee — whose high-profile efforts to clean up the school district included her much criticized decision to pose, broom in hand, for a cover of TIME in 2008 — she was not the only factor in the Sept. 14 poll results. Fenty's loss turned on a number of issues, including his managerial style; the Washington City Paper had endorsed him, begrudgingly, as "the jerk the city needs."


School of Thought

Fenty's Loss in D.C.: A Blow to Education Reform?

By Andrew J. Rotherham Wednesday, Sep. 15, 2010



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