Friday, September 17, 2010

Ferguson topples Baltimore Senator Della

In a major upset that DFER predicted when it named him "Education Reformer of the Month" for August, 27-year-old Teach for America alum Bill Ferguson knocked off an incumbent who had been in office since Bill was born, for an important seat in the Maryland State Senate representing Baltimore. His campaign was inspiring: he worked his butt off and was absolutely relentless about tackling the important details. This guy earned it, plain and simple:

Ferguson topples Baltimore Senator Della

Other incumbent legislators await official results amid strong challenges

7:15 a.m. EDT, September 15, 2010,0,1171486,full.story


Six-term Baltimore incumbent Sen. George Della was unseated Tuesday by a political newcomer, as legislators across the state waited anxiously to learn their fate amid some surprisingly strong challenges.

Just around midnight the Associated Press called Baltimore's hotly contested waterfront senate race for Bill Ferguson. "It is unbelievable," said Ferguson, 27, of the results. "It feels absolutely amazing. I'm inspired by where our city is headed." Della could not be reached.

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