Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zuckerberg at KIPP

Zuckerberg visited the KIPP high school in Newark, Newark Collegiate Academy, this weekend.  Here's a report from a friend who was there:

It was an amazing day.  Despite all the hype in the media about him being awkward or not sociable, Zuckerberg was a natural in front of the class and spent about an hour talking with the students and answering questions.  He had a great, totally KIPP response about the movie coming out about him, explaining to the students that it was unfortunate that Hollywood oversimplified all the HARD WORK by many people that has gone into making Facebook what it is today.   He said he is worried the movie will just make it seem like it was a great idea, and one day of work, and poof, you have Facebook.  A great lesson for the kids and totally on message with what he told them over and again about the importance of hard work.  It was a great visit and a great day for Newark in general.


Photos at:

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