Friday, October 15, 2010

Michelle Rhee's Last Battle

A Daily Beast article points out that DC could lose RTTT funds if it abandons reforms:

Rhee's supporters say Gray should be held accountable for implementing D.C.'s Race to the Top plan, which also promised to meet specific benchmarks in raising high school graduation rates and closing racial and socioeconomic achievement gaps.

The question is "whether the Obama administration has the resolve" to withhold funding from uncooperative politicians, says Charles Barone, director of federal policy at Democrats for Education reform. "The onus is really going to be on Duncan, and this is where I think the jury's out. It's a different skill set for the administration…which takes a whole different level of political courage."


Michelle Rhee's Last Battle

by Dana Goldstein

The high-profile head of DC's schools exits, leaving an uncertain legacy. Will her successor follow through on her reforms—or forfeit millions in federal funds?

As expected, D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee will announce Wednesday that she will step down after three years on the job.

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