Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moskowitz Charter Plan Draws Fire

Good for Eva and the Success Charter Network.  Even in wealthier areas, some schools are terrible and parents there deserve a better option as well:

Eva Moskowitz is planning to open a charter school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a move that is causing an uproar in a neighborhood that is concerned about tight classroom space.

The founder of the Success Charter Network, a group of seven charter schools with a nearly all black and Hispanic demographic, Ms. Moskowitz said she is bringing her model to a neighborhood that she said may be more affluent but is just as desperate as Harlem and the Bronx for good, new schools like the ones she runs.

"Even if you're a person of some means, finding a great school for your kid is not easy," Ms. Moskowitz said.

"If you're zoned for P.S. 87 or P.S. 199, you're set," she added, referring to highly coveted schools. "But if you live one block out of that zone, you might have to struggle for a great school for your kid. I thought this would be a great new option for families north of 96th Street who have to struggle" to find a good school.


  • OCTOBER 20, 2010

Moskowitz Charter Plan Draws Fire



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