Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Waiting for Superman

It's great to see Waiting for Superman playing to sold-out theaters (from the Center for Education Reform):

WAITING...IN LINE. The number one film at the box office this past weekend may have been about the early days of a little website called Facebook (find us there), but that's only because it made a little bit of money in a lot of theaters -- an average of $8,100 per each of its more than 2,700 screens. But there's another movie out there with so much pent up demand that it is pulling in $12,026 per screen -- with only 34 screens across the country: Waiting for Superman. For the film to have an impact, though, you have to see it. And for the film to make a real difference, you have to take action. So, after the drive, the parking, the lines and the popcorn; after the reality that kids in America aren't getting a fair shake -- talk to one of the volunteers standing outside your theater asking you if you are Done Waiting.

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